Previous Workshops

    Disease ecology

    The 5th International Workshop on Highly Pathogenic Influenza Risk Assessment and Risk Modling: Transitioning from Global to Local Assessments

    This workshop builds upon the 4 previous community-based data synthesis, analysis and modeling of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza workshops, which were coordinated by NIH, FAO and the University of Oklahoma; held in Bangkok, Thailand (2009), Beijing, China (2010, 2011), and Rome, Italy (2012). At the conclusion of the 4th workshop (November 2102) participants suggested that the broad scale, regional risk assessments and models developed to date may have limited applicability to national, provincial or local level issues related to influenza introduction, transmission and persistence. THe objective of the workshop to be held in May 2013 is to bring together multi-disciplinary international experts, national government representatives and experts, technical staff and other partners to explore disease risk factors at local levels. The desired outcome is to determine how influenza risk assessment and modeling should be pursued in order to capitalize on multi-disciplinary expertise and benefit national priority-setting for the prevention, response and control of HPAI.