2014 Oklahoma Workshop on Remote Sensing Technology and Application

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Date: November 12, 2014

Time: 9:30am – 5:10pm

Location: Room 3910, National Weather Center, University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma



Remote sensing technology at various platforms (in-situ, airborne and satellite) has made substantial progress over the past few decades and has been playing an increasing important role in observation and monitoring of the Planet Earth. This one-day workshop aims to provide a platform for researchers and users in Oklahoma to communicate their research and application activities, discuss collaboration, and develop networks among researchers, users and students as well as institutions. Participants are also welcome to participate in the Geospatial Information Science Day (GISday) at the University of Oklahoma on November 13, 2014 (http://www.eomf.ou.edu/gisday/). Institutions are encouraged to register a booth at the GISday Expo event and showcase their research activities and/or needs in the area of remote sensing technology and applications.


Workshop Themes

The one-day workshop will be composed of the following four sessions:

Session A: Land remote sensing and data products

Session B: Water remote sensing and data products

Session C: Use of remote sensing data products for data analyses, models, and decision support

Session D: Dialogue between researchers and users

Each session will feature 2 to 4 speakers, and they will highlight recent progress in various research areas, including land cover map in Oklahoma, agricultural remote sensing, UAS platform for remote sensing, water resource, water quality, as well as models that use disparate remote sensing data products.


Travel Support

Through the USGS AmericaView (http://www.americaview.org/) grant (subaward to OklahomaView), we will provide a total of $1,500 travel support for up to ten participants from Oklahoma (up to ~$150 for one night hotel on November 12, 2014). The priority of travel support will be given to invited speakers and institution representatives who also participate in the GISday event on November 13, 2014 with a booth exhibit.


Co-Chairs for Scientific Committee

Prof. Xiangming Xiao, Earth Observation and Modeling Facility, Center for Spatial Analysis, Department of Microbiology and Plant Biology, University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK, (xiangming.xiao@ou.edu, http://www.eomf.ou.edu)

Prof. Saleh Taghvaeian, Department of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK (saleh.taghvaeian@okstate.edu)


Contact Person for Registration and Logistic Support (up to 30 participants)

Ms. Melissa Scott, Center for Spatial Analysis, University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK (mscott@ou.edu)



Registered participants: 32

Name Institution
Bridge, Eli University of Oklahoma
Crowell, Sean University of Oklahoma
Dhakal, Kundan Oklahoma State Univ
Fagin, Todd Oklahoma Biological Survey
Gebregiorgis, Abebe University of Oklahoma
Graves, Catherine Oklahoma State University
Harrington, John Association of Central Oklahoma Governments
Hill, Jahna OSU
Hough, Dan Oklahoma Biological Survey
Jacob, Jamey OSU
Koch, Jennifer University of Oklahoma
Li, Jimmy The University of Tulsa
Liu, Stella Oklahoma State University
Marks, Steve Oklahoma State University
Mittelstet, Aaron Oklahoma State
Moffet, Corey The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation
Patton, Jason Oklahoma State University
Perez, Gano Muscogee Nation
Poudel, Ram University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
Rogers, Brad Oklahoma State University
Sharma, Sonisa Oklahoma State University
Soweka Jr., Robin Muscogee (Creek) Nation
Stoodley, Scott OSU
Storm, Dan Oklahoma State University
Taghvaeian, Saleh Oklahoma State University
Thomas, Warren Tinker Indus trail Developers
Treglia, Michael Department of Biological Science, University of Tulsa
Wallin, Dennis USDA - Agriculture Research Service
Wilson, Duncan Oklahoma State University
Wu, I-Chun "Nicky" Oklahoma State University
Xiao, Xiangming University of Oklahoma
Ziolkowska, Jad University of Oklahoma