The Remote Sensing Laboratory

This lab is equipped with a number of instruments for in-situ data collection in hyperspectral remote sensing, multi-spectral remote sensing, thermal remote sensing, as well as landscape and vegetation surveys.

Optical remote sensing

  • One ASD FieldSpec@Handheld (325 – 1075 nm)
  • One ASD FieldSpec@3 (350 – 2500 nm)
  • ASD Integrated Sphere
  • Plant probe and leaf clip One ADC Agricultural Digital Camera

Thermal remote sensing

  • One FLIR R&D infrared camera (FLIR SC600)

Landscape surveys

  • One Ford F-150 truck,
  • One GeoExplorer 2008 series high accuracy GPS receiver,
  • 12 handheld GPS receivers, 44 GPS-digital cameras

Vegetation analyses

  • One LI-COR 2000 plant canopy analyzer,
  • One Li-COR 2200 plant canopy analyzer,
  • One oven for drying plant and soil samples,
  • One refrigerator

Wild birds and biodiversity

  • Two binocular for wild bird watch,
  • 12 GPS data loggers

Mobile workstations

  • Two mobile PCs (Thinkpad),
  • One high-end mobile workstation for the field data collection